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You Look Faster When You Are Young

You Look Faster When You Are Young

Hot Gossip

2009 (GHST027)

Following up Hot Gossip's 2006 debut album "Angles", “You Look Faster When You Are Young” marks a step forward in the band’s evolution, both in terms of songwriting and execution.
Hot Gossip’s latest release features 12 new songs that were developed over the course of 2 long years of touring and a month of meticulous recording sessions. Not quite indie rock, not quite post-punk or nu rave, not quite anything else that might fall under the alternative catch-all, Hot Gossip’s music might best be qualified as a style of their own: unapologetic pop and upbeat rock meld seamlessly to create songs that are catchier and more polished than anything they’ve ever done before.
The songs here are ambitiously constructed, complete with willful, drastic shifts in tone.
Hot Gossip have a knack for making melodies so wonderfully haunting that it sounds like you’ve know them all your life!


1) Everybody Else
2) And Again
3) At Night
4) Fast In The Rain
5) Call The Rangers
6) You Better Know
7) You Name It
8) What We Are
9) Little Secrets
10) Cops With Telephones
11) Days Of The Weak
12) Father




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