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The Fall Of 1960

The Fall Of 1960


2010 (GHST037)

The Italian indie band Canadians embodies a true success story of the current era. Hailing from the city of Verona of Shakespearian fame, Canadians are a five piece formed in January 2005, featuring Duccio Simbeni (lead vocals, guitar), Michele Nicoli (guitar), Massimo Fiorio (bass, vocals), Vittorio Pozzato (keyboards, vocals) and Christian Corso (drums). Their first, self-produced EP "The north side of summer" was enthusiastically received by Italian bloggers and music media alike for their breezy, catchy college pop influenced by American acts such as Weezer, Pavement, Grandaddy, and a special gift for hooks and vocal harmonies reminescent of classic 60s bands like Beach Boys and Byrds. The first recognition outside Italy was their feature in the "Breaking Bands" column of the weekly British magazine New Musical Express. But the band also won the hearts of those at Project My World, an American reality television series in which the hosts meet with friends and unsigned bands all over the world with a myspace profile. The show visited the band in their hometown for a week; since then, the band's myspace has enjoyed an
international, fast-growing popularity, especially among US teenagers.
After various rumours concerning deals with major labels, the band signed with the Italian independent label Ghost Records in March 2007 and then flew to Liverpool for two shows at the legendary Cavern Club, as part of the bill of the itinerant festival International Pop Overthrow.
Back in 2006, Canadians won the Heineken Jammin Contest for unsigned Italian bands. The prize was the recording of their debut full-length album, which is officially out in September 2007 with the title "A Sky with No Star
Rolling Stone Italy featured an interview with them in the September 2007 issue. "A Sky With No Stars charted on the CMJ charts in the U.S.A. in the third week of November 2007. Canadians' video for the single "Summer Teenage Girl" was one of the twelve videos chosen by MTV Italy ( to be broadcast on MTV Italia and MTV Brand:New during the MTV MUSIC WEEK (a special week of video premieres for the tenth birthday of Mtv Italy in September 2007).Other videos chosen included Timbaland, Kaiser Chiefs, Babyshambles and Jennifer Lopez. Canadians were invited to perform at SXSW 2008. They play at La Zona Rosa on March 15th. made Canadians "Artist of the Day" on December 19th 2007 and MTV Italy voted Canadians as 2007 Best New Artist.
The second album of the band is called “The Fall Of 1960” and it is going to be released by Ghost Records in July 2010.
Canadians took a year off from touring (they had been touring relentlessly since the release of “A Sky With No Stars” in 2007) and wrote and recorded all the new songs in 2009.
The band managed to keep the balance between the usual wall of guitars and melody,and arrangement is what keeps this new album apart from everything Canadians had done before: the new songs feature violin, mandolin, banjo, piano, glockenspiel acoustic guitars and all these elements give Canadians’ songs a different feel to it. Two songs (“Yes Man” and “The Richest Dumbass In The World”) are sung by the keyboard player Vittorio Pozzato and they sound poopier than anything Canadians have ever recorded
The Fall Of 1960 was recorded on analogue tape by Matteo Cantaluppi.


1) A Great Day
2) Leave No Trace
3) Carved in The Bark
4) The Night Before The Wedding
5) Yes Man
6) Rain Turns Into Hail (And Then The Sun)
7) Kim The Dishwasher
8) The Fall Of 1960
9) The Richest Dumbass In The World
10) Open Letter To An Alpine Marmot




22.00 - Cantine Coopuf, Varese

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